Free The Way

Our Work and Programmes

This page introduces the work we do and covers

» Outreach Work
» Housing Services
» Structured Programmes

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Outreach Work

  • Visits/assessments to people with addictions issues
  • Support for Family and Friends
  • Liaison with other third sector agencies in the North East of England
  • Homelessness Projects/Prisons
  • Here To Help – Assessments conducted throughout the North East

Housing Services

  • Currently manage nine houses for shared therapeutic recovery accommodation
  • Residents pay £20 for shopping costs, £10 for fuel (heating and light) and £2.30 per week for transport contribution
  • Clients who need support for active addiction and move on homes
  • 24 hour support
  • 24/7 telephone coaching line
  • Assistance to those who are homeless/leaving prison
  • Family support offered to residents
  • Debt Advice to Residents and Clients
  • Furniture packs
  • Housing benefit and other benefit Advice including ESA Job Seekers etc.

Structured Day Programmes

  • Recovery Art Programme – Creative Recovery of Bishop Auckland
  • Recovery Skills meetings - Addictions UK / Addictions North East
  • Group Work Sessions - Addictions UK / Addictions North East
  • One to One Counselling - Addictions UK / Addictions North East
  • Education and Training Classes – Durham College and Peterlee College
  • Life Skills Development
  • Fellowship Meetings with AA NA OA Al-Anon and other Fellowships as required
  • Approaches to abstinence from addictions
  • Volunteer Action
IT Class